Patrick to sign education bill on Monday

Deval Patrick the governor of Massachusetts will sign a bill this Monday, on Martin Luther King Day that will give funding to charter schools in Boston.  The raised budgets will double the amount of students attending charter schools.

Charter schools are sort of like free private schools.  They vary in style across the nation.  In Boston there is an overload of students for the school system.  In fact, only a small percentage of Boston residents attend regular public schools in Boston.  A substantial amount of Boston residents are bussed to suburban schools in the metropolitan area.  However, these schools are often over an hour away from Boston.  In addition, these schools often have a 95% white majority of local residents with a small minority of “metro kids”.  In Boston, charter schools are the third option (more commonly known locally as pilot schools).  These are specialized free public schools with admissions processes.

Manny Delcarmen alumni of West Roxbury High School

There are many different types of charter schools in Boston (  For example, Gardener Pilot Academy is an elementary school designed for students, whoms’ first language is Spanish.   While Boston Arts Academy is a high school, where students learn their core subjects in the mornings and visual/performing arts in the afternoons.  These schools are very different types of charter schools, but similar to most pilot schools (especially in Boston) they both have long waiting lists.

In Boston most of the charter school students come from low class income families.  In fact, the city’s charter school system was initially created in order to “close a persistent achievement gap among students of different socioeconomic backgrounds” (


2 Responses to “Patrick to sign education bill on Monday”

  1. chelseaopnl Says:

    Before I read your page the only time I had ever heard of a charter school was on “Take The Lead”. Do you think Charter Schools are good or bad for soceity? From what I got from reading your article some of these Charter Schools seem to be segregated by demographics. It seems like these schools are almost like an aparatus as well because they are trying to produce some “thing” and have confinding borders limiting them to what they learn and how they learn due to outside resources, like the money put into the Charter Schools.

    • mark413 Says:

      I think charter schools are the best option for students who live in the inner city. These schools are specialized public schools that are basically free private schools. Some of these schools are segregated, but I mean of course you are going to have a lot of Hispanics in a school designed for students who speak something other than English. But I do agree that like many other schools these charter schools are underfunded that is why the doubling of their funds was so significant.

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