Selling Education

In class we talked about after Ronald Regan the increase in support for voucher programs.  At first I immediately opposed the idea of vouchers, because I feared it would simply give rich kids an unneeded discount.  However, it seems sort of like financial aid for college except for earlier grades.

Now, I still do not support vouchers, instead i think college should become cheaper, so there is less of a need for financial aid.  Even community college prices are now very high.  I do not understand how college tuition continues to rise so much.  Personally, I would expect technological advances to make college cheaper.  How can online classes be so expensive?

Two weeks ago there was an international petition against rising college prices.  The Globally United for Free and Emancipatory Education 2010 hosted this protest at Humbolt University in Berlin.  More than 500 universities across the globe  had some formal protest activities sponsored by the GUFEE (

Basically, my distaste towards voucher reminded me how much I hate high college tuition fees.  The GUFEE have created a facebook group (, which is an international protest against the raising fees of a college education, which seems to be necessary in today’s world.

Globally United for Free and Emancipatory Education 2010


One Response to “Selling Education”

  1. hoying62 Says:

    The idea of giving vouchers seems very unreaonable as well as unjust to me. What would be the point in giving money to wealthy families who can already afford to send their children to private schooling, jsut so they have to pay less? Chances are high that these families would not be sending their children to private schools unless they could afford it to begin with. Instead of giving out vouches doesn’t it seem alot smarter to spend money on buying textbooks for classrooms that can’t afford them, or maybe offering teachers whose classrooms perform above average on standarized testing incentives?

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