Power is everywhere. Where is democracy?

So we read this week that there are power forces everywhere, especially in education.  Students have power over other students.  Teachers have power over their students.  Principals have power over teachers; and it just keeps on going.  But why are we focusing on power forces.  We should be focusing on democratizing the classroom.  The more I study education the more I think democratic aspects need to be inplememented into education.  For example, teacher should democratize their classrooms, instead of lecturing all the time.  This seems simple and obvious, but is just the begginning of where democracy is required in the classroom.

Who chooses what is important to learn?  Curriculum planning should be more democratic.  You shouldn’t teach something, because someone decided it will be on a standardized test.


2 Responses to “Power is everywhere. Where is democracy?”

  1. Monica Says:

    We are focusing on power forces because it is important to understand the concept and its history. Only then can break down such constraints and re-build our classrooms, etc, into a more democratic place. Who does choose what’s important to teach in a classroom? That is a good question. I found it a little broad though. What did you mean by “democratic” curriculm planning, exactly?

  2. Hoying20 Says:

    The idea of adding more democracy into our educational system is a good idea, but it could also prove detrimental. Although, teaching should be more free, and teachers should have more leniency on what is being taught, there still must be some form of conformity in our educarion system. If teachers had no stidpulations on what they need to teacher, or not guidelines, then how would we as a nation make sure students are getting a good education?

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