Post #5

Gutman described the importance of everyone having the freedom to make their own educational decisions.  I feel that in today’s America everyone eventually gets to choose their own career path.  Most people freely choose their academic focus and future job.  I’m not saying everyone gets to be a professional basketball player,  but people are definitely not forced into career paths in this country anymore.  In fact, even if you are pressured into the wrong occupation you can easily change jobs.  I think the average American has like 7 differnet full-time jobs throughout their life.  It sucks that people are unhappy and constantly change jobs.  However, this shows that people have the freedom to change to career they want to do.

Gutman also discussed the role individual citizens should have on local schools.  i think this is a still a problem in today’s world.  We live in a democratic nation, so us citizens should be able to democratically effect educational curriculum and policies, especially on a local level.  Gutman says, “the more effective the control that citizens have over school policies, moreover, the more likely they are to support them”.  Furthermore, I think localized school autonomy leads to a more enjoyable and meaningful experience for the students.  Therefore, I believe cities (and eventually all communities) should have localized school autonomy, such as the Boston Charter School System.


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