Post #6

Yesterday in class we discussed the influence teachers’ expectations have on the students’ learning.  From my experience as I student, I agree that the teachers have a lot to do with the students’ confidence and learning.  Too often teachers have set expectations for their students.  For example, teachers should never give up on their students, but too often teachers just loose hope; and do not sufficiently help the students who need help the most.  Teachers should be flexible and do their best to adjust to the needs of all their individual students.

Through my grammar school experience teachers were too certain I understood the material, but just struggled with tests.  For instance, I struggled with the addition and subtraction of negative numbers.  But for some reason my teacher was convinced that I understood these concepts, but I was dyslexic or had some other learning disabilities.   I feel like teachers say way too many students have learning disabilities as excuse for low test scores, instead of helping all students and ignoring prejudgments.


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