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March 8, 2010

Homosexuality is a difficult issue to discuss.  Everyone has their own perspective on the issue, but most prefer to never have to say these opinions.  Some people consider this a religious issue, while others argue it is a biological issue (meaning you are just born that way or something).  Regardless, it is not a teachers place to discuss gay marriage in the classroom.

Gay marriage discussions would not create good class discussion, because most people have an unswayable  opinion that they believe is correct just because.  Furthermore, I think peoples’ strong opinions would only further alienate gay and lesbian students.  In addition, these controversial discussions would likely lead to numerous complaining parents.

Not teaching gay marriage does not mean teachers should not teach gay students.  Teachers should never discriminate against a student based off of race, sexual orientation, etc.  Furthermore, teachers must protect all of their students from bullying and discrimination.  Therefore, teachers should do their best to stop students from picking on their gay peers.

Personally, I am for gay marriage and rights.  Furthermore, I would never discriminate against someone, because of their sexual orientation.  Nevertheless, I am homophobic and I tend to avoid gay people.  In addition, I find even guys kissing to be gross.  When I am with my guy friends the two main things we discuss are girls and sports.  I do not want to hear a gay person’s stories about girls and I definitely do not want to play sports with gay people.  However, I feel comfortable with lesbians.  One of my high school soccer coaches was a lesbian.  Even though she predominantly worked with the goalies (a position I never played) she was my favorite member of the soccer coaching staff.  During bus rides to and from road games she would always talk about non-soccer stuff with my teammates and I.  She seemed like “one of the guys”.  In addition, she hosted the annual seniors’ soccer dinner (in her house that she shared with here lesbian partner).  Furthermore, she was the only member of the coaching staff that helped us steal a rival team’s mascot.

It is weird that I feel so uncomfortable around gay people, despite my comfortably with lesbians and my attitude towards gay rights.  I have no good explanation for my opinions.  However, since everyone views this issue so differently it is important how teachers address this issue.